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b.a.p, yonggook/himchan, pg, 796w

When Yonggook first met Himchan, he gave the managers present a tight frown of disbelief. He crossed his arms and his knee started to bounce beneath the table. It was late and he fought the urge to yawn, as if it'd ruin the displeased look he was going for.

"You promised," Yonggook said flatly.

The managers and Himchan all looked equally confused.

Yonggook's frown deepened. "You promised."

A hesitant smile twitched on Himchan's face. "Um, nice to meet you..."

The words went unanswered as Yonggook glowered at the managers. "When I joined this company, I said I wanted to be like them." He pointed at a framed picture of one of Untouchable's album covers. "You said you'd make a group like them."

One of the managers laughed awkwardly, "Well, not exactly..."

Yonggook's knee knocked off the bottom of the table and he almost cursed out loud. For a split second, he felt sheepish. Silly. In reality, he had no right to complain. He'd signed a contract-- a contract to someday be a part of an idol band. He stammered as he tried again, "Well. Not exactly. But you still promised."

"What did we promise?" the manager asked, exasperated. The boy named Himchan kept smiling and Yonggook had a sneaking suspicion not much was going on behind those perfectly shaped eyes.

Yonggook's own narrow, imperfect eyes scowled. He knew he could be pretty intimidating when he pulled this kind of face, but it had no effect on the boy before him, so he turned it on the manager. "You said it wouldn't be another pretty-boy band." He sniffed in Himchan's direction as he muttered the last words. "'Hip-hop. Edgy. Different." He could almost imagine each word floating through the air, into Himchan's right ear, twirling in the empty space behind his eyes, and right back out the left ear.

This could never work.

The first time they stepped onto the stage together, Yonggook had less than dismal expectations. And then, it went okay. Better than okay, if Yonggook was really being honest. He couldn't help his baffled expression as he watched Himchan perform with a strange kind of charisma. He still wholeheartedly believed that Himchan was the most empty-headed boy he'd ever met, but, as everyone liked to tell Yonggook, he'd never met himself. The managers even claimed that, put together, their collective stupidity actually amounted to something quite charming.

Himchan smirked at Yonggook as they stepped offstage and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Who's the pretty boy now, huh?" He blew a kiss to the crowd and girls screamed.

Himchan's blond head bobbed above the crowd of stylists and coordis as he bounced in place. Beside him, Yonggook had his head leaned back, mouth wide open as he snored quietly. He was somewhere between barely conscious and asleep, just able to make out the director's quiet words to his staff. A car sat in the middle of the set, with a giant hammer beside it. Yonggook was to use this hammer and pulverize the car into oblivion. Too bad he was too exhausted to lift his arms.

Meanwhile, Himchan was punching the air, admiring his bare arms as they flexed. "Idiot," Yonggook gargled.

His friend only smiled, tossing his head and pulling up his collar. He ran his thumb over his bottom lip and raised an eyebrow at an invisible camera. Yonggook tried not to gag.

"You really think you're hot shit, don't you?" Yonggook shook his head and roughly wrapped an arm around Himchan's shoulders. "A pretty boy is still a pretty boy," he whispered gleefully into Himchan's ear.

Much to Yonggook's glee, Himchan pouted. "I can be tough, too. They said my shot behind the bars was great!"

"Maybe if you're into mental patients," Yonggook snorted. He wrapped his arms around himself like a straight-jacket and rolled his eyes wildly. He could see Himchan struggling not to laugh, and a wide grin burst across his face. "Are those your 'visuals?'"

For a second, Yonggook thought that Himchan was going to pose again, because one of his signature affected smirks graced his lips and he glanced around as if seeing if anyone was watching. He seemed for once content at his lack of audience, though, and latched onto Yonggook's wrist to tug him forward, staggering on his tired legs. Their foreheads knocked together awkwardly and painfully, but Himchan held his wicked smile and peered into Yonggook's surprised eyes. "They seem to work for you, eh?"

And in the next instant Himchan was three meters away, looking extremely pleased with himself and licking his lips. Yonggook only noticed the licking because he happened to be staring a little too intently at Himchan's mouth at the time.

"Fucking pretty boy," he mumbled under his breath.

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