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[challenge] Yen-J Lyric Challenge.

Lyrics Used: 11/11
Total Fics: 14
1. Because I'm pursuing freedom
Pursuing myself; I'm pursuing my own
Pursuing close friends
Pursuing what those days afterward will be like
Pursuing life

the worst date ever, f.cuz, jinchul/yejun
2. It's about 1 in the morning; I'm at a famous nightclub in East District
And I see you on the dance floor doing your thing
Without a doubt, you're the most bright-eyed, hot babe in the crowd
A little drunk, but not enough to black out
From top to toe full of that trouble-causing flavor
But after getting drunk, my joking self was unexpectedly able to get your attention

the art of roleplay and the people it doesn't work on, b1a4, sunwoo/junghwan
3. We go for a walk, we're being cruel, our hearts had already guessed it
Who will say it? Who will be the murderer? You or me?
Our everything, all of everything, there's only one step left
We can only free ourselves, we can only take our own freedoms

walking in the snow, f.cuz, younghak/seunghyun
4. I am dead set on loving you
With you, I don't care about anyone else
"What is love?" You ask me
I think I got it!
It's going to eat curry with you; That's how I'll answer
I am dead set on loving you
With you, I don't care about anyone else
"What is love?"
Again, I think I got it!
It's being with you, waiting, sitting, lying, and embracing at home

love is fried pork on winter nights, dgna/xing, gwangchul/injoon

liking the genius, cpop, xiao hong ren/yan jue
5. I like your eyes, looking into my eyes
I like your face, close to my face
I like your hand, holding my hand
I like your lips, kissing my lips
Time changes, but don't you change

the space you occupy, x-5, hyunseok/haewon
6. Being "popular" means sounding good
It has nothing to do with the song's difficulty
Being "popular" means being listenable
It has nothing to do with the song's difficulty

the music, dalmatian, intae-centric

will you be my life saver?, cpop, xiao gui/show luo
7. I need some time to settle down
Settling down needs some time
This time to settle down needs to be longer
Too many things are changing

some time, x-5, hyeonjin/jinwan
8. Everyone's life has a period of time waiting for them
That's called a transition
I comfort myself
Everyone's life has a test waiting for them
That's called "don't give up"
I encourage myself

let it go, u-kiss, soohyun/kiseob

it's called a transition, secret, hyosung/sunhwa
9. Baby you can drive me crazy
But can also make me happy
No one else will do, I'll take only you
That’s why you’re my baby, my lady
Sometimes you don't make sense
That's alright, I've gotten used to it
This summer romance of ours
Is still as stimulating as ever

our little summer romance, dgna, suhoon/hyunmin
10. I'm not allowed to look back at past happiness
Causing me to be so travel-worn
I can only say...

I didn't give enough love, I didn't give enough, I didn't give enough love
So you left
I didn't give enough love, I didn't give enough, I didn't give enough love
So you left me

me, alone, bobo
11. I don't want anyone to know that

I'm in love with you

But it's hard to hide my smile

Smiling foolishly like this
Love made us love until it's too much, until
I forget myself, but I don't forget you
Because I want to treasure you forever, my love

love, feel stupid, repeat, u-kiss, soohyun/eli

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