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[challenge] Weibird Lyric Challenge.

Lyrics Used: 10/10
Total Fics: 5/20
1. Turn on the radio
Don’t wanna care anymore
Maybe by giving no effort, being more relaxed
I won't have such heavy shackles
Turn off your favorite song
Just like there’s nothing wrong
Maybe after some time, I'll forget
And it will truly be just some mistake
- "Have You Ever"

b.a.p/secret- coming soon
2. My two legs stand on other people's earth
My brain stores up other people's treasures
The cement walls built here
Are what others see as proper beliefs
The blinding sunlight outside the window
Is there no place for myself?

So I'm getting outta here, getting outta here
The escape of a two-legged bookcase
I'm getting outta here, getting outta here
This is not where I belong
Even if there's no promises, Even if there's no protections
Even if it gives me sunburn
This is the escape that I choose
- "Bookcase Escape"

dgna- coming soon
3. Every story has a name
Using its appearance
Taking its place walking in the city
Just like a chess piece
Every name has a story
Using its way of life
To explain, interpret, or be fresh
To make every word of the story connect into a poem
What's strangest is that in this story, the ending isn't the most important
- "Story"

3.2.1/kat pat- coming soon

mblaq- coming soon
4. Because I love, that's why I love; I cherish our happiness together
As soon as we part, and you're gone; I think of the conversation still in the air
Because I love, that's why I love; Let me give out my loving care
Regardless of wind or sun
I understand now everything is because of love
- "Because of Love"

3an guo- coming soon

dgna- coming soon

everything is because of love, n:sonic, jaehwan/bongjoon
5. Slowly wait, slowly wait, slowly wait, slowly wait
Slowly wait, slowly wait, wait for the red light to turn green
Slowly wait, and when you suddenly feel cold
I will hold my warmth right here, waiting
- "Slowly Wait"

x.i.s- coming soon

and when you suddenly feel cold, i'll be here, waiting, myname, gunwoo/insoo

by the phone, dalmatian, dari/jisu
6. What color the sea is, What happiness blue is
When I use words to piece scenes together
Are they suitable? Do they completely convey my meaning?
What kind of role you play, What happiness you give me
Do I have enough words in my vocabulary
To put you elegantly in between the lines?
- "Transition Exercise"

hitt- coming soon

myname-coming soon

to put you elegantly in between the lines, n:sonic, bongjoon/inseok
7. I want to be diligently industrious, but I have a bit of a headache
I have a lot of homework left, I'll do it tomorrow
I want to write so many songs, I want to diligently practice ball
But I never have enough time
Who messed up my inner clock, causing me to not want to do anything
Who messed up my schedule? I still haven't done that much

I find so many reasons, so many excuses
to keep myself from moving forward
I find so many reasons, so many excuses
keeping myself from taking action, I just continue dreaming
- "Reasons"

kis-my-ft2- coming soon

early morning philosophies, dalmatian, donglim-centric

m.i.c- coming soon
8. You are a sunflower seed that hates sunlight
Growing in boundless darkness
You are a sunflower seed that hates sunlight
withering your own pollen
I fell in love with the dark you and don't want sunshine anymore
I quietly shine on you, wishing to warm your flowery fragrance
But am blocked by the clouds in your heart
- "Cloudy Sunflower Seed"

b.a.p- coming soon
9. The end of the hand is ticking to 12:00
Fate has allowed me to see through your beautiful smiling face
Oh, my line of sight is locked on your eyes
No matter how time changes, it can't change my infatuation with you
- "More Perfect"

kiss me five- coming soon

b.a.p- coming soon
10. The clouds today aren't too crowded; Only a few are left
Don't want to come close, don't want to rest
Don't really want to rain
The air today is a bit unsettled
It blows about the melody, blows about the peacefulness
and awakes my thoughts of you
- "Good Weather"

b.a.p/secret- coming soon

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