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disappearing act (drabble)

disappearing act
kis-my-ft2, yokoo/fujigaya, pg-13, 512w

Yokoo had an annoying habit of letting himself disappear, which drove Fujigaya absolutely livid. Fujigaya would watch one of their interviews and see it happening right before his eyes. One second Yokoo was there, smiling and laughing with the others, the next he was gone as Kitayama started speaking again. Often Fujigaya would have to blink and rewind the recording, keeping his eyes glued on Yokoo just to verify that he was still physically there.

Sometimes he could sense it happening right behind him. Don't you dare, he swore to himself as they sat together before yet another show, but Yokoo was already gone. The host directed a question Fujigaya's way and he answered without skipping a beat, but he knew he wouldn't be shining as much as he could. As attention turned away from him, he bit his lip and knew he couldn't let Yokoo get away with this.

Yokoo didn't even look surprised when Fujigaya grabbed him by the collar and shoved him into an empty dressing room as the others made their way through the hall. He never did, not once as this became a sick kind of routine, which only made it worse. It just made Fujigaya press his lips against Yokoo's harder, biting, shoving his body against his friend in a way that Fujigaya knew no one could resist.

Except Yokoo could. Where Kitayama would cling to Fujigaya's sides and jump into a state of thrilled over-excitement, or Senga would yelp and feign innocence while roughly grabbing at Fujigaya's hair (he always hated that, the little bastard), Yokoo was able to stand perfectly still. Eventually, his hands might find Fujigaya's hips but only when he threatened to push them both over or into some inconveniently placed object in the room. No, Yokoo was completely different. As soon as Fujigaya was on him, doing everything he thought would get some kind of reaction, Yokoo disappeared again. Fujigaya could feel Yokoo's lips and his chest and his hands but Yokoo simply wasn't there, like a huge "OFF LIMITS" sign was plastered across Yokoo's presence.

Unreachable, no matter how much Fujigaya tried.

"Watta," he whimpered with heavy-lidded eyes; it pissed him off how hard he tried. But a small, dark side of him couldn't help but be fascinated. If there was one think Fujigaya Taisuke couldn't do, it was disappear.

Yokoo smiled and gently removed Fujigaya's arms from around his neck. "We'd better catch up with the others. They're going to make a mess if we're not there." His voice was perfectly even. There was no hesitation in the way he walked out of the room.

Fujigaya just watched, entranced. He could almost feel himself fading into the dark corners of the empty room.

In the hallway, Yokoo paused and took a deep breath, allowing himself only a moment to lean against the wall. He was still smiling, but he couldn't feel it. At his sides, his hands were shaking despite being balled tightly into fists. He wouldn't be sleeping tonight, again.

Would Fujigaya even bother trying, if he knew?

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