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The escape of a two-legged bookcase; ([personal profile] qiguai) wrote2020-07-22 10:31 am
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Hey, thanks for stopping by! Here are a few quick points in case anyone's confused:
  • [personal profile] qiguai is the fanfiction journal of [personal profile] xiaoxin
  • 奇怪 or qí guài means "strange" or "odd" in Chinese, and I think strange is the perfect way to describe the mind of a fanfic writer. :D
  • I'm a fan of Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai and Japanese music, am a perpetual fandom hopper, and my writing is similarly scattered. If I get an idea, I write it, pretty much.
  • Friending policy: I, uh, don't really have one? Feel free to add this journal if you'd like, it's the fastest way to get updates. Basically, all entries will remain public, I will never friends-lock them.
  • I am always looking to improve as a writer, so please give me constructive criticism if you see an area in which I'm lacking.
  • As always, thank you so much for reading my work! I look forward to writing and posting more and more and more!