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breakfast, btob, minhyuk/ilhoon/hyunsik (oneshot)

btob, minhyuk/ilhoon/hyunsik
nc-17, 1055w

getting up early has never been hyunsik's thing. not when he tends to crawl into bed every night around four in the morning and not fall asleep until he sees sunlight. the others never scold him for his odd schedule, mostly because despite going to bed so late he is usually up before changseob or sungjae. popping into the kitchen a while after eunkwang and minhyuk were up often means breakfast is ready, too.

he knows something is wrong when he rolls over and finds eunkwang still asleep. their leader's schedule has become more intense the past month, so no one can really blame him for sleeping when he has the chance. still, it is disconcerting to see eunkwang in such a deep sleep. hyunsik can't remember ever seeing him like that before.

checking his phone, hyunsik groans at the time but knows he can't fall back asleep now. around him he can hear his friends still sleeping soundly and, damn, he envies them. the morning air is too cold to go around in his usual pajama-pants-and-nothing-else, so he wraps his comforter around himself and pads quietly across the room.

as he cracks open the door, he hesitates at how quiet it is outside. at this time there have to be others awake, and none of them are very good at being quiet. he moves down the hall slowly, more from grogginess than anything else, but he is very glad for it when he nearly rounds the corner and sees something that sends him whirling back. namely ilhoon and minhyuk apparently making out against the counter.

hyunsik stares at the bedroom door and blinks exactly seven times. then he pinches his arm. no, he is definitely awake.

a soft gasping sound returns his attention to the kitchen. as hesitant as he is to look, he finds himself peeking around the corner and holding his breath, his heart pounding in his chest. the gasping is minhyuk, who presses closer to ilhoon, forcing him back against the edge of the counter. minhyuk's hands are on ilhoon's hips while ilhoon's rest against minhyuk's chest, almost out of sight. there's a small smile on ilhoon's lips as he lets minhyuk kiss him that hyunsik doesn't understand, and minhyuk doesn't seem to notice. "hyung," ilhoon whines when minhyuk finally pulls away. "i can't breathe."

minhyuk laughs softly and kisses ilhoon's neck. "you're just upset i stopped making your food."

"obviously," he grumbles back. he tries to slip from minhyuk's hold but minhyuk pulls him right back.

"i'll give you something better than food." his hands slide along the hem of ilhoon's sweatpants.

hyunsik's so distracted watching minhyuk's fingers carefully push up ilhoon's t-shirt that he almost misses how ilhoon rolls his eyes. ilhoon hisses as minhyuk's hands move up beyond where hyunsik can see, but that amused, sarcastic smile remains. hyunsik isn't sure whether minhyuk doesn't see it or doesn't care. minhyuk's hips thrust against ilhoon's and ilhoon makes a noise that sends a shudder down hyunsik's spine. his knees feel wobbly and he knows he should go back into the room, or at the very least look away except that he wouldn't trust himself to walk if he felt like trying.

the fact that all hyunsik is wondering is where the hell did minhyuk learn to do that should probably be worrisome enough.

ilhoon's shirt falls back down and minhyuk kisses him again, slowly and deliberately. ilhoon's grip is hard enough on minhyuk's arms that the skin is white beneath his fingers. the teasing smile on ilhoon's face darkens into smug satisfaction as minhyuk shifts to his knees, rubbing at the front of ilhoon's pants. ilhoon moans, but it's almost begrudging in its restraint. he runs his fingers through minhyuk's hair and tugs lightly like he's getting revenge for that quiet sound.

hyunsik swallows and his throat is so dry he gasps. thankfully at that same moment ilhoon lets out a much less restrained groan because minhyuk yanks down his pants and wraps a hand around his length, licking at the swollen head. ilhoon's fingers tighten in minhyuk's hair in a way that has to be painful, hyunsik imagines. he licks his lips and shifts his position on the floor so he can lean a little further around the corner. it's impossible to see minhyuk's face no matter how he tries, and hyunsik is surprised but not embarrassed at his own frustration.

when he looks back up at ilhoon's face, their eyes meet. in his desperation hyunsik had managed to crawl quite beyond the wall that had been serving at his cover. even with ilhoon aware, hyunsik can't bring himself to be ashamed. he stares back, licking his lips when something minhyuk does makes ilhoon's eyes flutter momentarily closed.

ilhoon notices, and though his breathing is decidedly labored and his fingers tug now and then at minhyuk's hair seemingly of their own accord, ilhoon still raises his eyebrows in a clear challenge. as if following some silent order, hyunsik lets his comforter fall to the side and kneels on the floor. his movements are far more hesitant than theirs, but he rubs himself once through his cotton pants. he's painfully hard and surprised at his own sensitvity, and the awkward touch makes him flinch. ilhoon's mouth twists back into that ironic smile and hyunsik finds himself smiling back before he pulls out his cock and starts stroking himself shamelessly. he must be insane, but it's hard to resist when the way ilhoon watches makes him so hard he's already leaking over his fingers.

hyunsik comes first, which is probably a good thing because hyunsik isn't sure he wants to know what minhyuk would do if he found out they'd had a audience. that slight danger only makes his orgasm more intense; he bites his lip so hard he nearly draws blood to keep himself from making a sound. it's entirely too satisfying when ilhoon comes soon after, before hyunsik has even finished working himself through his own orgasm. ilhoon whimpers and jerks against the counter, his eyes still on hyunsik.

hyunsik creeps back to the safety of the hall just as minhyuk rises and pulls ilhoon close for another kiss. "see? much better than food."

"mm," hyunsik hears ilhoon agree just before he closes the bedroom door behind him.

Note: Pardon the random lapslock; I got a little lazy when completing fills.

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