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[challenge] M.I.C Discography Challenge.

The objective of this challenge is to write at least one M.I.C fic for each song in their discography. Go big or go home, right?

Total fics: 0/25

1. Rockstar
2. 要命的烦恼
3. 漫游记
4. 这次,真的是你不对
5. 第几幕的爱

1. Get It Hot
2. 望 That Sea
3. To Bad Girls
4. Dance With M.I.C
5. 买单
6. 当你看着我的眼睛
7. 非常21世纪
8. 心恋
9. You Are So Cute
10. 将爱

1. My Place
2. 宿醉
3. 对白
4. Lonely Night
5. 春心荡漾
6. 谁孤单
7. 海
8. 窒息
9. 我还爱着妳
10. 宿醉 Part.2

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