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Title: Repaying a Debt
Fandom: B1A4
Pairing: Dongwoo/Chansik
Rating: R
Wordcount: 1387
Warnings: slight non-explicit sexual content, language
Summary: Dongwoo kisses Jinyoung and Chansik is mad.

Saying that Dongwoo wasn't prepared for what happened that afternoon was putting it far too mildly. )
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Title: I pray no tears in your dreams (I know you’ll fly high in your life)
Pairing Dongwoo (CNU)/Chansik (Gongchan)
Rating: G
Word Count: ~3400
Warnings: None
Summary: "if there are ten thousand people in this world who love you, i am one of those ten thousand. if there is one person in this world who loves you, that one is me. if there is no one in this world who loves you, then that must mean i no longer exist."
Notes: I started this for a meme challenge as an excuse to try writing B1A4 despite not knowing much about them, but I ended up enjoying it enough to expand the story. Obviously my characterization is subject to doubt considering how new this group is, but I hope you can enjoy the fic anyway. :)

When the teacher's back is turned for a moment, Jinyoung leans across the aisle to toss a note to Dongwoo two rows back. )


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