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These were written for my Weibird Lyric Challenge. The prompts and other fics can be found at the challenge's main post.

early morning philosophies
dalmatian, donglim-centric, g, 762w
In theory, Donglim could get a lot done today. )
by the phone
dalmatian, dari/jisu, pg, 334w
The weekends are the hardest, Dari thinks, to adjust to. )
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These were written for a challenge I posted on my personal journal. Each drabble is inspired by lyrics by Taiwanese musician Yen-J. The lyrics and song title can be found before each drabble.

the art of roleplay and the people it doesn't work on
b1a4, sunwoo/junghwan, g, 413w
Sunwoo likes to pretend. )

Let it go
u-kiss, soohyun/kiseob, 454w, g
The list of things which bring Kiseob down is relatively short, unsurprisingly. )

it's called a transition
secret, sunhwa/hyosung, pg, 310w
Sunhwa isn't sure she can get through another night, not like this. )

the music
dalmatian, ot6, g, 429w
Daniel is soft r&b, bluesy and calm. )
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Title: The Art of Starving Oneself Willingly
Pairing slight Intae/Donglim
Rating: G
Word Count: 1018
Warnings: None
Summary: "Ice cream tastes sweeter when I steal it from you."
Notes: Written for a meme challenge, but I liked it enough to post it on its own. :)

At this rate, Intae is sure he's going to starve to death long before Dalmatian wins their first mutizen. )


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