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everything is because of love & to put you elegantly in between the lines (drabbles)

These were written for my Weibird Lyric Challenge. The prompts and other fics can be found at the challenge's main post.

everything is because of love
n:sonic, jaehwan/bongjoon, pg, 580w

Jaehwan should have seen this coming. When he'd caught Inseok and Jongwook conspiring in the kitchen the night before, he should have given them chores to do, or demanded to know what they were talking about, or made a really intimidating face, or something similarly authoritative and leader-like, but it had been a long day and he'd been very tired, so he'd yawned and forgotten the entire thing as soon as his head hit the pillow. Leaderly things could wait, he thought, until tomorrow.

There was an ominous clink of metal as he awoke to giggling the next morning. His left hand tingled slightly when he moved, which was strange, but he was far more concerned about the giggling. He squinted in the bright fluorescent light of their dorm bedroom and scowled.

Jongwook and Inseok were hovering over him as he slept, grinning with unrestrained glee.

"Morning, hyung," they chimed in unison.

Jaehwan shuddered. He was about to curse at both of them for being so damn creepy, but a disturbing realization hit him as he went to rub his eyes. He couldn't move his left arm, or rather, when he did, there was another metallic clink and his arm was stopped half-way. His horror at finding himself handcuffed was instantaneously replaced with greater horror at what he was handcuffed to: the dangling wrist of Bongjoon, who was snoring, unbothered, in his bunk across the way.

"Do I even want to know why you did this?" he asked after taking a few deep breaths to calm himself.

Jongwook continued to smile. "Because of love, of course."

"Everything is because of love," Inseok agreed, grabbing Jongwook's wrist to make their escape from the room. Jaehwan could hear their laughter from the living room.

He sighed. It wasn't like he could run after them.

"Yah." He shook his wrist, the chain jangling against the metallic rails of the bunk beds. Bongjoon's wrist flopped, but the rest of him was unaffected. "Yah!" he nearly shouted this time. He sat up as much as he could to move closer. He reached through the bars and smacked at Bongjoon's head. "How can anyone be this oblivious?"

Bongjoon mumbled something in his sleep, but Jaehwan sincerely doubted it had anything to do with him. The dorm could be crumbling to the ground and Bongjoon would sleep right through it.

This was going to get awkward; Jaehwan accepted it with a resigned sigh. He pulled himself out of his bed and got to his feet, dragging Bongjoon all the way. Only when his head banged off the tile floor did Bongjoon's eyes fly open.

"What the f--?!" He blinked and looked at his wrist, which was yanked upward. "Hyung." His eyes narrowed into tiny, sleepy slits. "I think we're stuck." Struggling into a sitting position, Bongjoon frowned deeply. "Really stuck."

Jaehwan was about to reply with something along the lines of Good observation, idiot, when Bongjoon sneezed violently and Jaehwan found himself tumbling forward.

The eyes that struggled to focus mere centimeters away from his own seemed utterly baffled by their new predicament. Bongjoon's free hand had instinctively gone to Jaehwan's waist to keep them both from falling (and, of course, it failed), and now it rested their quite comfortably. Jaehwan knew that if Bongjoon were completely awake, he'd probably be just as comfortable with Jaehwan resting against his chest.

Everything is because of love. Jaehwan made a mental note to superglue all of Inseok's cosmetics closed.

to put you elegantly in between the lines
n:sonic, bongjoon/inseok, pg, 172w

"You're so confusing," Inseok laughed and pushed at Bongjoon's shoulders.

Bongjoon tightened his grip on Inseok's waist and frowned. "I am not." To make his point, because words never seemed to be enough, he kissed Inseok again. The pushing at his shoulders stopped, and Inseok's smile stopped. He kissed Inseok forcefully, almost angrily, willing the confusion away with his lips.

As always, Inseok kissed him back. He kissed back just as hungrily, never with a hint of hesitation, but as soon as the kiss was over, he was smiling again. "That's exactly why you're confusing," Inseok insisted breathlessly.

This time, Bongjoon let go when Inseok pushed at him playfully. Inseok looked slightly disappointed, but not the least bit surprised. "Spoiled baby," he grumbled with fake annoyance before returning to the living room where the others were watching some boring movie-- the kind Jaehwan-hyun liked, with explosions and motorcycles and guns.

Confusing was the wrong word, Bongjoon knew that much. He just had to wait for Inseok to find a word that fit.